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Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras pickup heat signatures. All living things give off heat, and this camera interprets it as thermal.

Thermal Cameras Thermal Cameras

Street Surveillance

Camera's that is installed in the city center, and in crime hot spots to prevent crime.

Street Surveillance Street Surveillance

Integrated Control Rooms

Control rooms designed to accommodate all security systems, populated by operators for response.

Integrated Control Rooms Integrated Control Rooms

Rapid Deployment Units

CCTV Units that can be rapidly deployed when needed, or at public events. All information is sent to a Integrated Control Room.

Rapid Deployment Units Rapid Deployment Units

Mobile Surveillance Vehicle

Vehicle for rapid deployment for crime that is moving.

Mobile Surveillance Vehicle Mobile Surveillance Vehicle


Communication is vital for mobile systems to operate and to relay all information and live footage to the control room for backup and review.

Communication Communication

Green CCTV Poles

Wind turbine, solar panels and batteries support the Green CCTV Poles. No external power needed except mother nature.

Green CCTV Poles Green CCTV Poles

Perimeter Mesh Fence

Perimeter Mesh Fence: Anti-dig with electric fence on top.

Perimeter Mesh Fence Perimeter Mesh Fence
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