• CCTV Systems
  • Street surveillance CCTV
  • Central Control Rooms
  • Mobile Surveillance Trailers
  • Mobile Surveillance Vehicle
  • Communication systems
  • Green CCTV Systems
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Afrisec offers total security solutions.  We conduct a thorough threat analysis, after which a Security Master Plan is designed to combat the threat. We then implement the Integrated Security System required by the Security Master Plan, which includes:

    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Specialist training programmes
    • Fire Management Networks
    • Emergency Management Networks
    • Building Management Networks
    • Risk Management Networks

Our Master Plans and the implementation of Integrated Security Systems are based on the practical expert knowledge gained over a 30-year period by our directors, executive and advisors.  We focus on defining the problem and putting phase-based innovative structures in place.

 Our products include:

    • High capacity Central and Satellite Control Rooms
    • Maximum security steel doors, gates and windows creating an alarm when cut – specialised alarm tubing (Afrisec patent)
    • Security fences and walls in varying degrees of security hardness
    • Revolving pins (Afrisec patent) on top of walls/fences
    • Asset and personnel tracking systems
    • HVAC monitoring and control
    • Building Management Systems i.e. energy usage monitoring, water and waste management, and industrial process control
    • Time and Attendance Systems
    • Security Light Networks
    • Intercom, Alarm, Fire and CCTV Networks (including Street Surveillance)
    • Voice logging
    • Software design and programming, producing management reports and functioning as a management control system
    • Supermax lock system (Afrisec patent), installed at sensitive areas
    • Advanced Access Control Networks – fingerprint readers, staff/visitor control, vehicle control
    • High-powered stun gun (Afrisec patent)
    • High-powered stun belt (Afrisec patent)
    • High-powered stun shield (Afrisec patent)
    • Defender Surveillance and Defence System (we do not however supply firearms)
    • Alarm tubing steel structures (Afrisec patent)
    • Maximum security locks (Afrisec patent)
    • Revolving pins (Afrisec patent)
    • Mobile Surveillance
    • Rapid deployment systems
    • Networking (Implementation and Design)